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Mission Bell Motorworks and auto manufacturers recommend frequently checking hoses and belts to ensure reliability for your vehicle. If you notice or hear leaking or squeaking, we recommend bringing your car into us right away to prevent any damage. We service all types of vehicles and specialize in auto  repair service for German vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini and more. Our professionals will fully inspect and remedy the issue at an affordable cost. We are recognized as the number one auto repair service in Riverside, CA and the Inland Empire because of our five star customer service, happy clientele and word of mouth referrals. While you wait, you can enjoy our big screen TV, complementary beverages and Wi-Fi connection in our comfortable waiting area. If you need more services other than belt and hose repairs, we offer a wide array of repair services for just about any problem your vehicle may have.

The Purpose of Engine Belts and Hoses:

Vehicle engines contain many types of belts and hoses which each have a very specific purpose and maintaining and up keeping these parts are very important for the health and longevity of the vehicle. Cam belts (or timing belts) control the engine valve timing and in many cases drive other components of the engine such as a water pump or oil pump. If you require a timing belt or cam belt replacement, we offer new and existing customers with special discounts. As well, water pumps and oil pumps can be fixed if needed. The fan belt which is also known as the serpentine belt is used steer the accessories in the engine of the vehicle such as the power steering pump, water pump, air conditioner and alternator. Some cars have more than one serpentine belt. Almost all engines have hoses which are necessary for optimal operation such as radiator hoses, coolant hoses and vacuum hoses.

Common Problems with Engine Belts:

Car engine belts and hoses have a limited life span and after a certain amount of time or mileage, they will need replacement. Engine belts will stretch out and cause loud or high pitched squealing noises. Without warning, they can fail and or break if they are not changed when recommended or checked on. Costly damage to your engine can occur and leave you stranded if a belt brakes.

The engine's hoses have a short life span as well which means checking regularly for breaks and cracks in the hoses is highly recommended. Failure to check for breaks or cracks in the engine's hoses can result in fluid leaks and poor engine performance and or costly replacements or repairs.

If you bring your automobile or German made vehicle to our shop, we can diagnose any issues and ensure you are back on the road safely if any repairs are needed. We take great pride in providing the best belts and hoses repair service in Riverside and the Inland Empire and welcome all new clients and always look forward to seeing our returning customers.

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