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Riverside, CA Cooling System & Radiator Repair 

Mission Bell Motorworks in Riverside, CA can repair your automobile cooling system and/or repair your radiator in any automobile and we even specialize in cooling system repair for German auto brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini and more. Your vehicle has an entire mechanism that cools it's own self down. When the vehicle becomes overheated, the engine can overheat and result in a catastrophic engine failure. When a car's cooling system is not working properly, the combination of heat, exhaust gases and outside temperature which can overheat the engine. Meanwhile, if your radiator and cooling system is not working properly or malfunctioning, running your vehicle can result in hotter and hotter engine temperatures, mounting to critical diagnostic failure levels.

Your vehicle's radiator and cooling system keep your engine’s temperature in check because many engine parts aren’t designed to handle excess heat. The radiator prevents your engine from failing and overheating with a system of hoses. These days, cars are computerized and have many sensors and parts that require protection from excess heat. 

Engine Cooling System Repair.

At Mission Bell Motorworks in Riverside, CA, our certified auto expert technicians and (certified German auto repair specialists in Riverside, CA) check all the key parts of your cooling system. This includes the standardized basics of a car’s cooling system such as the thermostat, water pump, anti-freeze, radiator, radiator cap, radiator hoses, radiator fan, fan clutch, fan belts, heater hoses, serpentine belt, heater core, temperature sensor, and the cooling sensor.

Some cars may have even more components to their cooling systems. The experts at Mission Bell Motorworks suggest you get a full system and cleaning and flush performed when replacing your anti-freeze. This allows our certified auto repair professionals to perform a full pressure test for leaks, cooling systems flush, full inspection, full sealant and lubricant for your vehicle's system.

At Mission Bell Motorworks, we offer top notch affordable service without selling you unnecessary services or repairs. We have decades of experience and ensure you are being served by honest, certified experts in the automobile and German automobile repair service industry.