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Riverside, CA Engine Diagnostics & Check Engine Lights

When the check engine light comes on your vehicles dashboard, it can become a very stressful moment. In some cases, this means that there is something seriously wrong with a component of the engine or its affected parts. It is important to bring your vehicle into a certified auto repair shop right away. At Mission Bell Motorworks, we are a one stop shop to affordable engine diagnostic testing and repairing for vehicles that encounter the check engine light to be triggered. We ensure to find the problem at it's source and fix it with affordable parts and labor. If you need a check engine light turned off or an engine diagnostics check and repair service in Riverside, CA, schedule an appointment with Mission Bell Motorworks. All the while, we strive to provide the very best customer service to make you a life long customer. Our priority is getting you fixed and back on the road, safely.

Late model vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer that manages all components, notably the power train—from the fuel supply to exhaust gases—but also peripheral systems such as the brakes, electric system, air conditioning, and even your vehicle's tire pressure, through a network of sensors linked to the vehicle's computer system. 

When the vehicle's main computer detects a problem, a light on the dashboard turns on to notify the driver. Red lights indicate issues that require immediate attention. Your certified Mission Bell Motorworks technician will use a scan tool to get the diagnostic trouble code(s) of a defective part or component. You can always view your vehicle’s owner manual will contain information on the various dashboard Check Engine lights and what they mean.It is imperative that you consult a certified auto repair professional when the Check Engine light comes on, you could end up with serious damage or even compromise your vehicle’s safety. 

Mission Bell Motorworks meets all your expectations in car engine diagnostics and repair. All options are thoroughly discussed with the owner before implementing any sort of measures which has always helped the customer to be aware of what is actually needed for repair and what is being provided.

Owners of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen or Mini can rest assured because we specialize and are certified German auto repair experts in Riverside, CA. We guarantee complete satisfaction and our experts make sure that the repair provided is top notch. Give Mission Bell Motorworks in Riverside, CA a call today at 951-462-1040.